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User Intstallation Guide: Retrofit CarPlay and Android Auto into Alfa Romeo Giulia/Stelvio 2016-2019

Here is the installation tutorial showing how to install our IMI-1000 into the Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio Models (2016-2019).

Tools Required:

  1. 1 * Trim removal tool (supplied with IMI-1000)
  2. 1 * T20 and T30 screwdriver
  3. 1 * T10 screwdriver (some models require removal of the glovebox)

Before Setup

Ensure the dip switches on the side of the IMI-1000 are set as per the white label on the top of the IMI-1000;

NOTE : Follow the dip switch setting on the label on top of the IMI-1000 as they may differ from the above.

Installation Steps

  1. In the drivers footwell, unscrew the two securing bolts holding the kick panel

2. For easier access, remove the cubby hole storage unit by removing the securing screws (some panels simply pop off as are only secured with clips)

3. The head unit is now accessible

4. Below the head unit, there is one retaining screw, remove it and pull out head unit to access the connections on the rear.

5. Remove the large black 48 pin (Quadlock) connector from the rear of the head unit

6. Disconnect the video cable (LVDS) from rear of head unit

7. Connect the IMI-1000 main Quadlock to the back of the head unit

8. Connect the mating Quadlock on the IMI-1000 harness to the original Alfa Romeo Quadlock you previously removed from the head unit. If there is a MOST fibre optic line in the Alfa Romeo Quadlock, transfer it to the new Quadlock that will be installed into head unit.

9. Connect the “LVDS OUT” connector on the IMI-1000 display harness to the original Alfa Romeo connector you previously removed from the head unit

10. Insert the “LVDS IN” connector on the IMI-1000 display harness to the head unit

11. Connect the POWER and LVDS cables to the IMI-1000. The IMI-1000 will utilise the original factory microphone.

Note : The LVDS connectors that connect to the IMI-1000 module are straight, do not connec tthe right angle original alfa romeo cable to the IMI-1000 module socket.

12. Connect the WIFI antenna to the IMI-1000

13. Before Re-assembly, check you can switch to the IMI-1000 interface by pressing MENU for 2 seconds

14. if you prefer wired operation, it is possible to utilise the OEM Alfa Romeo USB port in the centre console. To do this you need to remove the USB interface panel (your panel may be slightly different):

Remove the USB panel of you would like to use the OEM usb socket
Connect the male USBA connector (right, above) to the USB socket on the IMI-1000 harness.
Connect the adapter to the connection correlating to the USB socket (your panel may be slightly different)

Specific Guidance for Stelvio Models:

  1. Remove the lefthand kick plate (against the gearbox tunnel) by pulling it out of 4 clips.
  2. Remove panel towards the rear left hand side. Pop out with a trim tool by running along the front edge and pop around 5 or 6 clips, Pull the kick plate towards you and downwards and it comes out.
  3. Remove head unit via 2x Torx 30 fasteners on the head unit.

How to Switch between the Alfa Romeo interface and CarPlay/AA

Description of Controls

Setup and Configuration

For setup and configuration, we will email the “IMI-1000_Setup_and_Configuration_manual.pdf”

Connecting to CarPlay and Android Auto

The IMI-1000 is usually set up for Wired and Wireless Android Auto and CarPlay when supplied, check the settings in factory mode (follow the setup manual supplied) to ensure wireless AA and Carplay are enabled if you wish to use the system in a wireless configuration (sometimes we ship it with wired set by default for AA).

To connect up with a wire, attach a phone charging wire to the USB socket on the IMI-1000 harness (not the cars USB socket)

To connect up wirelessly, simply search for the “Limcet_xxx” bluetooth ID in your bluetooth menu and follow the pairing and permissions on screen. Do not rush the connection and wait for the prompts on your phone. Wireless AA can be tricky to initially set up, if you have difficulties please follow this guide; Wireless Android Auto connection Guide