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User Installation Guide – Volvo Retrofit CarPlay and Android Auto Kit

Our IMI-1000 is very simple to install into Volvo vehicles, it is compatible with the following vehciles;

2015-2019 Volvo S60 / V60

2015-2019 Volvo XC70

2015-2017 Volvo XC60

2015-2019 Volvo V40

Step 1: Remove dash vent trim panel on central console
Use a trim tool to lift up the trim panel(2) on the central console

Step 2: Remove the head unit securing screws

Step 3: Remove the 4x T25 Torx Screws below

Step 4: Remove the 2x T25 Torx screen on the rear side of the panel below;

Step 5: Remove Head unit and remove the display connector (blue connector) and the main 48pin Quadlock connector

IMPORTANT! You need to remove the fibre optic cable (it is usually 2 thick orange cables (like in the above picture) from the original Quadlock and put that connector into the new Quadlock that will be connected to the back of the head unit. If you do not do this, the system will not work and you will not have any sound.

Don’t forget to transfer the orange Fibre optic line from the original Volvo quadlock to the IMI-1000 quadlock that is then inserted into the head unit.

Step 6: Locate the IMI-1000 Module on the side of the passenger foot well, behind the carpet.


Step 7: Follow the connections below;

2014-2018 retrofit carplay and android auto connection diagram

Step 8: Select AUX in the Volvo media menu (or Select IPOD if you do not have aux and have installed the AUX-USB adapter shown in the diagram above – note that the USB adapter will show as an IPOD in the media menu), enter the IMI-1000 interface by pressing and holding EXIT on the steering wheel.

Step 9: Perform Echo Cancellation

Enter Factory mode by entering SETTINGS/SYTEM/FACTORY MODE and enter passcode 8818

Perform the echo cancalltion process – should should head a number of beeps in the cabin

Save and reboot the IMI-1000