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Tutorial – Adding a Rear Camera to your IMI-1000

This tutorial shows you how to add a rear camera to your IMI-1000, it is a simple process and with this guide you will be able to connect the rear camera up and also enable it in the IMI-1000 settings.

Audi A1 reversing camera
Audi A1 Reversing Camera

Step 1 – Install the camera

The first step is to install the camera and route the cabling, most cameras we sell are boot handle integrated modules which incorporate the camera into the boot handle release mechanism. This offers an OEM finish and is a great location for the camera. An example of a camera we sell for the Audi A4/A5/A6/A7 is shown here : Audi A4/A5/A6/A7 Rear Camera Retrofit

Each vehicle will require slightly different routing of the cable, but in general the boot lid inner trim panels will need removing, the boot handle will also need removing. You will then transfer the boot handle switch connector over to the new handle and install it into the OEM location.

Step 2 – Cable routing

Routing the cable is the most time consuming part of the install, you need to route the cable to the front of the vehicle cabin from the boot. This will require you to feed the cable under the carpets and door seals etc, you are best to find your own way here and simply persevere.

Step 3 – Connections

Connecting the rear camera to the IMI-1000 is simple, just follow the diagram below;

IMI-1000 -> CAMERA connection

The above diagram shows the connections needed, as can be seen the yellow RCA connectors are connected up at the IMI-1000 end (left side in the picture above) and the camera end (right side in the picture above).

There will be a labelled power line on the IMI-1000 harness (red wire above) which is connected to the red tail wire on the camera harness.

Then at the other end of the cable near the camera, you connect the two red cables together (we usually connect these for you before despatch).

Step 4 – IMI-1000 Configuration

The last step is to configure the IMI-1000, this is perform in the SETTINGS menu of the IMI-1000 interface.

Problems and solutions

Problem : Display does not automatically switch to rear camera from CarPlay/Android Auto

Solution : Ensure “CAN-Active” is set as well as “Aftermarket Camera”

Note : If the IMI-1000 does not switch with “CAN ACTIVE” set, you will then need to use the “12V ACTIVE” setting and run a sense wire to the reversing light 12V positive.

Problem : 12V Active setting does not switch when engine is running, or does not switch at all

Solution : In this case, the reverse light 12V signal is likley to be a pulsed signal and will require filtering, connect a “reverse camera power filter” between the +12V reverse light wire and the IMI-1000 “12V Active sense wire” as per the diagram below;

Problem : Camera shows briefly when entering reverse gear, but then goes black

Solution : The camera is drawing too much current for the IMI-1000 to feed it from one 12V source. Use the secondary 12V feed wire on the IMI-1000 harness to provide additional current for the camera.

Problem : Display shows “no signal” when going into reverse

Solution : Check that you have connected the RCA to the “Rear Camera” connector on the IMI-1000 harness and not the “Video out” connector.