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Screen Mirroring with the IMI-1000 CarPlay Interface

Thus guide with show the steps required to screen mirror with the IMI-1000 interface, it will assume you already have CarPlay up on screen.

Select the “i” next to the IMI-1000 Bluetooth connection, it will already say “disconnected” even if you are currently connected to CarPlay. This is normal as CarPlay is a Wi-Fi connection after 20 seconds of initial Bluetooth pairing.
Disable CarPlay with the toggle at the top of the screen, this is then turn CarPlay off and the vehicle screen will show the IMI-1000 main menu. Use the vehicle controls to navigate to and select “MIRRORING”.
The screen above shows the Bluetooth menu with CarPlay disabled

Navigate to and select the “Mirroring” menu
Use your iPhone to connect to the Wi-Fi network indicated on the vehicle display and use the passcode shown on screen.
Enter passcode and connect to the Wi-Fi netwoprk
Wi-Fi connected
Pull down the iPhone media menu and select “mirroring”
You will then see the phones display mirrored to the vehicle display.