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Retrofit CarPlay and Android Auto Installation guide – Ford Sync 2

This page describes how to install the IMI-1000 from Ingrated Automotive, an aftermarket retrofit kit which add CarPlay and Android Auto to your Ford Sync 2 system

Tools required

T20 Screwdriver

T10 Screwdriver

Trim removal set

Protective towel (to prevent scratched to the dash)

Please note: Make Sure Car Engine Off Before The Installation. Open/Close The Driver Side Door ONCE, Wait Centre Screen Turns Black

Step 1. Remove trim and left and right side of centre console

Step 2. Unscrew 2x screws on left and right side of centre console

Step 3. Remove the panel

Step 4. Use a trim tool to remove decorative strip around upper centre console

Step 5. Remove 2x screws located at the bottom left/right of the panel

Step 6. Remove the panel and unplug connectors

Step 7. Unscrew 4 screws securing the display

Step 8. Remove head unit and disconnect connectors

Step 9. Unscrew the 4x screws behind the head unit

Step 10. Remove the panel behind the main Sync 2 unit

Step 11. Remove the screws on the edge of the display

Step 12. Remove screen

Step 13. Unscrew the screws on both sides of the display

Step 14. Open the screen and remove the flat ribbon connector from the main board of the display controller

Step 15. Install the IMI-1000 pcb as per image below

Step 16. Re-assemble head unit

Step 17. Connect the main power connector to the IMI-1000, remove large black connector from head unit and insert the IMI-1000 connector into head unit socket. Mate the IMI-1000 female to the Ford Sync male connector as per image below

Step 18. Connector Wifi, Bluetooth, USB and power cables to the IMI-1000

Step 19. Select aux, Re-assemble dash and press and hold OK on the steering wheel to switch to the IMI-1000 interface