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Range Rover / Land Rover [BOSCH] Retrofit CarPlay and Android auto Installation guide

This is an installation guide for the IMI-1000 [JLR] model, compatible with Bosch systems.

After setting the dip switches as per the above, you can then install the kit.

Note : Before commencing this installation, make sure the vehicles ignition is fully off. Open/Close the driver side Door ONCE, wait until the centre screen turns black. Also check the dip switches on the side of the unit match the indicated switches on the white label on top of the IMI-1000. Note that the NAV button us utilised for switching between the JLR interface and the IMI-1000 – this means that OEM nav cannot be used.

  1. Use a trim tool to remove the screen panel

2. Unscrew the 4 screws which secure the screen

  1. Take out the screen and unplug all of the
    connectors on the back of the screen
  1. Take out the control panel, pay attention
    to disconnect the connector behind the panel
  1. Unscrew the screws securing the head unit and take out the head unit.
  1. Unplug the audio Auxiliary connector behind
    the head unit
  1. Connect the IMI-1000 grey connector to the JLR connector.
  1. Connect the IMI-1000 Auxiliary connector to the original car head unit Auxiliary socket
  1. Connect the IMI-1000 display connector to the original display socket
  1. Connect the original JLR connector and connect the mating IMI-1000 connector to it
  1. Remove the blue JLR video connector and connect the IMI-1000 LVDS display cable labelled “Connect to DISPLAY” to the original display socket
  1. Connect IMI-1000 LVDS display cable labelled “Connect to original display connector” with the JLR video connector

13. Connect the LVDS Display connector and main power connector to the IMI-1000 module and then test the system.

14. Select AUX in the JLR menu and press and hold NAV on the Touch screen or the HOME button on the console to switch to the IMI-1000 interface. Refer to the IMI-1000 setup guide to complete the installation and setup the IMI-1000.

15. Make sure the the ”Time out to home screen” is set to ”OFF” – if this is not ”OFF” CarPlay/AA will keep switching back to JLR’s home screen

16. The default setting is for the screen to switch to the JLR display when volume is changed – this can be disabled in the IMI-1000 settings

17. After installing, you will need to setup the steering wheel, see the various wheel settings below

If you get stuck, email us pictures of every connection you have made to