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BMW MINI (R55/R56/R57/F54/F55/F56/F57) Retrofit CarPlay and Android Auto Upgrade Kit


IMI-1000 retrofit carplay and android auto interface
The IMI-1000 from Integrated Automotive UK is a retrofit CarPlay and Android Auto Kit that adds Carplay and Android Auto functionality to a standard vehicle. The kit gives an “OEM” feel and appearance as it retains the existing MINI display on your dash as well as the MINI controls (rotary contoller and steering wheel contols)


Wireless (and wired) CarPlay

Wireless (and wired) Android Auto

Screen Mirroring

Front and rear camera connection

Compatible Vehicles

This model is compatible with the following vehicles fitted with a central information display;

MODELS: R55/R56/R57/F54/F55/F56/F57

BMW MINI 2009-2017 6.5in display

BMW MINI 2013-2015 8.8in display

BMW MINI 2017-Present ENTRYNAV2/ENAVEVO 6.5in display

BMW MINI 2016-Present NBT EVO Pro Nav 8.8in display

This kit is compatible with front parking camera, reverse parking camera and 360 degree cameras.

Fully Integrated with iDrive Controller

BMW Mini Cooper retrofit CarPlay and Android Auto iDrive controller integration

You can control carplay and android auto in your mini with the iDrive controller

Integrated with Steering Wheel Controls

Use Mini Cooper steering wheel controls with the retrofit CarPlay and android auto kit

Use the steering wheel to accept and reject calls and change volume etc

Compatible with 6.5in Display

BMW Mini 6.5in retrofit CarPlay and android auto

Compatible with 8.8in display 

BMW Mini 8.8in display retrofit CarPlay and android auto kit


Imi-1000 main pcb
The IMI-1000 main PCB is a high speed microcomputer focusing on providing an OEM experience
  • Highest Quality Components
  • Low Noise DAC and Analogue Amplifier Stage
  • Fast boot time
  • High Speed Graphics Driver
  • Integrated CAN Transceiver

How to install the IMI-1000 retrofit CarPlay and Android Auto kit in the Mini;

The IMI-1000 needs to be plugged into the rear of the head unit and also into the central information display. To do this you need to remove the head unit, which is performed as follows;

1. Remove speaker cover on top of dash board;

Mini Cooper retrofit CarPlay installation step 1

There is a screw facing upwards that will be visible once the cover is removed. Remove the screw which is securing the display assembly in place.

2. Remove display bezel and display assembly

BMW mini retrofit CarPlay installation step 2

Twist the bezel and remove the screws, once all screws are removed the display assembly will pull towards you.

3. Remove head unit

BMW mini CarPlay and android auto installation step 3

The head unit can then be removed.

4. Install IMI-1000

Once the head unit is removed you can then connect the IMI-1000 using the plug and play wiring loom to the rear of the head unit and to the LVDS connector on the display. Instructions are provided showing all connections.


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The IMI-1000 is a retrofit CarPlay and Android Auto upgrade kit which add wireless CarPlay/Android Auto connectivity to MINI’s equipped with a central display.


Vehicles :

F54/F55/F56/F57 (NBT)

R55/R56/R57 (CCC and CIC)

2009-2017 : 6.5″ Display Screen

2013-2015 : 8.8″ Display Screen

The IMI-1000 works by communicating with your existing entertainment system as well as your in-car entertainment system (Including the OEM Steering wheel controls, rotary controls, touchscreen(if fitted), vehicle speaker system and the Central Information Display). It operates in either by-pass mode or in “active mode”. In by-pass mode the IMI-1000 does not affect the normal operation of the in-car entertainment system, the standard MINI user interface and the standard MINI navigation system(if fitted) will be shown on the CID when in by-pass mode. Active mode is initiated when you connect your mobile phone to the car via the wireless Bluetooth connection or USB cable. After connection, the IMI-1000 activates CarPlay or Android Auto (dependent upon the operating system of your phone, iOS or Android). The Central Information Display (CID) will then show the CarPlay or Android Auto user interface and unleash the power of CarPlay/Android Auto!

Additional information

Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 10 cm
iDrive Version

CCC iDrive, CiC iDrive, NBT iDrive, NBT EVO iDrive


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