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BMW iD4 to iD6 Retrofit with Genuine Harmon Kardon Upgrade Package including head unit, Controller and touch display with CarPlay activation (2012-2016 vehicles)


A genuine Harmon Kardon iD4 to iD6 upgrade package, utilising a approved used iD6 Harmon Kardon head unit, touch display and iD6 controller. The head unit is custom coded to match the VIN of the customers vehicle and is offered as a “plug and play” solution in NBT (Pre EVO) based cars from 2012 to 2016 as well as ENAVEVO / ENTRYNAV2 cars from 2016 onwards. We supply a head unit which features an integrated GPS connector in order to facilitate direct connection of the OEM GPS antenna or an aftermarket antenna in all 2012+ F chassis vehicles.

This package is supplied with the following features;

  • Coding of head unit and match to VIN of customers vehicle
  • GPS connector added to head unit
  • DAB included
  • Latest BMW maps installed
  • High quality components sourced from our approved used suppliers
  • Plug and Play into existing wiring loom
  • Lifetime CarPlay pre-activated
  • iD6 touch display and controller

Compatible Vehicles

1 Series F20, F21 Coupe 2011-2018
2 Series F22, F23 Coupe and Convertible 2014-2018
3 Series F30, F31, F34 Saloon, Touring & Gran Turismo 2014-2018
4 Series F32, F33, F36 Coupe, Convertible & Gran Coupe 2014-2019
5 Series  F10, F07 Saloon, Touring 2013-2016
6 Series F13, F13, F06 Coupe, Convertible and Gran Couple 2014-2018
7 Series F01, F02 Saloon 2013-2016
X3/X4 F25/F26 SUV 2014-2018
X5/X6 F15/F16 SUV 2014-2018


id4 to id6 BMW upgrade package with carplay activation

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