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BMW Full Screen Apple CarPlay Activation (Worldwide delivery)


Activate full screen Apple CarPlay on your BMW!

Do you have Apple CarPlay in your BMW but it isn’t utilising the entire display like in the picture below?

Split screen Apple CarPlay
An example of split screen Apple CarPlay

This is known as “split screen CarPlay”, which is not maximising the potential of both CarPlay and your BMW widescreen display! See the potential of full screen CarPlay below!

Full screen Apple CarPlay 

Full screen Apple CarPlay activated on a BMW F30

Your can activate full screen CarPlay with this product as follows!

For N and O NBTEVO software versions: Using our customised USB file you can simply plug in a USB stick to the USB port in your car and full screen Apple CarPlay will be activated! Follow these steps;

1. Purchase this product

2. Wait for your customised USB full to be sent (usually within 24hrs)

3. Save the USB file to a USB stick

4. Plug the stick into your BMW USB port

5. Full screen Apple CarPlay will be activated!

For P,Q,R and S NBTEVO software versions: You can perform the following steps to activate full screen CarPlay:

1. Connect an ENET cable to you PC

2. Connect to the Internet

3. Integrated Automotive engineer will log into your PC using Teamviewer and use our specialist BMW software to activate Full screen Apple CarPlay!

Pre requisites 

  • iD5 or iD6
  • Apple CarPlay Installed
  • Connected Drive services

I don’t have Apple CarPlay in my BMW

If you do not have CarPlay in your BMW yet, there are many options to upgrade!

Please contact us for more information


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Additional information

NBT Software Version

N and O Versions (USB Download file), P, Q, R, S Versions (Remote coding via ENET Cable)