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AUDI A3 2013-2019 (8V) Retrofit CarPlay and Android Auto Kit


IMI-1000 retrofit carplay and android auto interface

The IMI-1000 from Integrated Automotive UK is a retrofit CarPlay and Android Auto Kit that adds Carplay and Android Auto functionality to a standard vehicle. The kit gives an “OEM” feel and appearance as it retians the existing MMI display on your dash as well as the MMI controls (rotary contoller and steering wheel contols)

Control CarPlay/Android Auto with your MMI Controls

Central Console

Audi MIB1 Retorfit CarPlay Rotary Controller Compatibility

Steering Wheel

Audi Steering wheel control retorfit carplay and android auto

Control volume, navigate menus, activate Siri and much more using your existing Audi MMI controls.


  • Easy to install (plug and play into back of head unit)
  • Uses Audi rotary controller and steering wheel controls
  • Fully integrated into existing audio system
  • Wireless connection
  • CarPlay and Android Auto compatible
  • 1 Year UK Warranty
  • UK Support and Repair
  • Allows you to Make calls, use Navigation Apps, Spotify, iTunes, Radio Apps and much more
  • Attractive user interface

What’s included in the kit;

Along with the main IMI-1000 (pictured above) we will supply the following cables;

LVDS Cable Set

The LVDS cable set is connected in between the head unit and the display.

Audi A3 LVDS cable for retrofit CarPlay and Android Auto Kit

48 Pin Main Quadlock Harness

The Quadlock harness is connected between the head unit and the Quadlock.

Audi MIB 3G Quadlock Harness


Display Compatibility;

  • 5.8in Display (400 x 240 pixels)
  • 7.0in Display (800 x 480 pixels)

Software Compatibility

  • MSTD MMI (5.8in display)
  • MHIG MMI (7.0in display)
  • MST2 MMI (7.0in display)
  • MHS2 MMI (7.0in display)

This model is compatible with a number of Audi models including;

  • AUDI A3(8V) 2013-2019
  • AUDI A4(B9) 2016-2019
  • AUDI A5(B9) 2016-2019
  • AUDI Q5L 2018 onwards
  • AUDI Q7 2016-2019


Imi-1000 main pcb
The IMI-1000 main PCB is a high speed microcomputer focusing on providing an OEM experience
  • Highest Quality Components
  • Low Noise DAC and Analogue Amplifier Stage
  • Fast boot time
  • High Speed Graphics Driver
  • Integrated CAN Transceiver

Connection Diagram

retrofit audi carplay android auto connection diagram

Basic Retrofit CarPlay/Android Auto installation steps;

  1. Remove Head unit
  2. Disconnect 48PIN connector from head unit
  3. Connect IMI-1000 48PIN connector to head unit
  4. Connect Audi 48PIN connector to IMI-1000 wiring loom 48PIN connector
  5. Disconnect Display connector and connect to IMI-1000 LVDS IN connector
  6. Connect IMI-1000 LVDS OUT connector to display

Not sure if you have MMI MIB1?

To determine if your vehicle is equipped with MMI MIB1 or Delphi MIB2, please visit this page and follow the instructions.

Which Audi MMI do I have? MMI 2G, MMI 3G, RMC, MIB I or MIB II?

IMPORTANT: It does not matter if you have AUX or AMI in your media menu, if you have AMI we will provide an AUX activator which activates aux in the media menu.

All IMI-1000’s are compatible with front parking camera, reverse parking camera and 360 degree cameras.



AUDI MIB2 (Delphi)

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The IMI-1000 is a retrofit kit which adds CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity to the Audi A3 (8V chassis) dated 2013 onwards. The Audi A3 (8V chassis) was the first Audi model to benefit from the MIB1 or Delphi MIB2 in-car MMI system. The IMI-1000 is fully compatible with the factory fitted MIB1 and Delphi MIB2 systems including the in-car entertainment system steering wheel controls, MMI rotary controls and associated buttons, as well as the Audi speaker system and the Central Information Display.

You can swtich between CarPlay/Android Auto and the standard MMI system at the click of a button. CarPlay/Android Auto is activated when you connect your mobile phone to the car via the wireless Bluetooth connection or USB cable. After connection, the IMI-1000 activates CarPlay or Android Auto (dependent upon the operating system of your phone, iOS or Android). The Central Information Display (CID) will then show the CarPlay or Android Auto user interface and unleash the power of CarPlay/Android Auto!

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 10 cm


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