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Jaguar/Land Rover/Range Rover Retrofit CarPlay and Android Auto Installation Guide (HARMAN SYSTEMS)

Before commencing installation, ensure the dip switches on the side of the IMI-1000 correspond to the settings outlined on the white label on top of the module.

This guide covers JLR HARMAN systems with the 7in and 8in displays

  1. Turn ignition off and open and close the drivers door to ensure head unit is not powered at all. Make sure the main display is black and not powered
2. Remove trim around the display


3. Remove strips each side of display panel


4. Remove 4x display screws


5. Remove the display bezel


6. Unscrew the screws on the control panel
on both sides of the screen; then take out
the control panel, pay attention
to disconnect the plug behind the control panel


7. Unscrew the 4x securing screws on the display assembly


8. Remove control panel


9. Remove 4x securing screws


10. Remove control panel


11. Remove head units screws


12. Remove head unit power connector (Quadlock) and connect up the IMI-1000 Quadlock harness. Also disconnect the display connector from the HEAD UNIT and connect in the IMI-1000 display connectors as per above (the IMI-1000 display connectors are green in the above picture – one into the head unit and one into the original display connector)


Connect the IMI-1000 power, USB and LVDS display connectors as per the above image

14. Disconnect and un-pair (delete) the JLR bluetooth connection from your phone

Press and hold MODE on the steering wheel to switch to the IMI-1000 interface

15. Follow the IMI-1000 Setup Manual (pdf) to set up your IMI-1000.