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Installing the IMI-1000 Retrofit CarPlay and Android Auto kit into the A Class W176 2012-2018

This guide should be used in conjunction with the NTG4.5/7 Installation guide and the IMI-1000 Setup Manual PDF documents available from Integrated Automotive.


On the top of the IMI-1000 will be a white label, which details the dip switch settings for the 5.8″ and 7.0″ display found in A Class vehicles, most will be 5.8″. Set the dip switches to the positions indicated on the label which match your display size. If you set these incorrectly you will see a black screen or have no control of carplay/mercedes user interfaces.

2. Remove Head unit

To remove the head unit, you need to remove the left and right vents below (not the centre)

Insert Vent removal tool (Integrated automotive can provide this) and pull out vent;

Use vent removal tool to pull out vents

Once both vents are removed, unscrew the 2xT20 torx head unit securing bolts which you will see inside the two vent holes.

Once the head unit is released, pull it out and remove the connector on the bottom right (see above)
Once the head unit is removed, you can follow the IMI-1000 NTG4.5/7 Installation manual provided, which will guide you through the wiring. You will need to remove the GREY (display) connector and the main BLACK quadlock connector. Be sure to transfer the fibre optic line (if fitted) to the new qualock (this is described in the installation manual)
See above for removal of the main Quadlock
Feed the IMI-1000 harness to the back left of the void, it will be tight and the quadlock needs to be positioned to the bottom right at the back of the void in order to slide the head unit back in.
You can stow the IMI-1000 underneath the gear selector if you have an automatic, to gain access to this area you can removew the centre trim around the gearstick (pops off). Ensure you do not obstruct any moving parts such as the gear linkage.

The remainder of the install is detailed in the IMI-1000 installation manual. Contact us for this manual.