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Installation guide for the Porsche PCM3.0 IMI-1000 Retrofit CarPlay and Android Auto kit

Follow this installation manual to install your PCM3.0 IMI-1000 retrofit CarPlay and Android Auto kit

  1. Set dip switches

To use the original car microphone set switches 1 + 2 to H L

To use the supplied microphone set switches 1 + 2 to L H

2. Note how to control CarPlay and AA

3. Remove Bezels(1), Remove head unit (2)

4. Connect IMI-1000, Display PCB and harnesses/ribbons as follows;

5. Note – If there is a fibre optic connector in the PCM3.0 original quadlock, transfer it to the new Quadlock that is now connected into the head unit (before connecting the connector to the head unit)

6. Installation of the display PCB is complete

7. Once reassembled, power up and select AUX

8. Press the button on the right of the unit for 2-3 seconds to switch to the IMI-1000 interface

9. Installation is complete, refer to the IMI-1000 Setup Manual to finalise the setup.