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IMI-1000 Installation Guide – RNS850

Please see below the connection digram for your IMI-1000

If you wish to use Bluetooth audio as the audio transfer method, follow setup guide v1.4

If you wish to use aux audio as the audio transfer method, follow setup guide 1.2

The Setup guides can be found via this link : IMI-1000 Setup Guides | Integrated automotive UK

Installation is a simple process, follow guidance below;

  1. It is recommended to remove battery earth (not +12v)
  2. Remove glovebox to access behind the MMI module – (846) Vw touareg glove compartment removal – YouTube
  3. Remove AC control panel (the panel below the display) and connect the gateway connector (do not connect the gateway connector to the back of the display)
  1. Connect up to LVDS and quadlock on MMI unit (remove the display connector (grey) from the MMI unit and connect our display harness as per image below
  1. Check dip switches match the label on top of the unit
  1. Connect up the IMI-1000]
  1. Connect battery earth and turn on ignition, if you are using AUX – select AUX input on the VW media menu press and hold SETUP/TRAFFIC on the console and the unit will switch to the IMI-1000 interface.
  2. If using AUX, ensure you Un-Pair from VW Bluetooth and DELETE the Bluetooth pairing to VW completely. Then pair to IMI-1000 bluetooth (don’t try to pair to wifi) – CarPlay/AA will boot.

If you get stuck, please send photos of your progress (every connection) to me and we will assist.