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IMI-1000 Installation Guide – RNS510

Below is a link to the setup manual and connection diagram for IMI-1000 once it is installed.

Installation is a simple process, follow guidance below;

  1. It is recommended to remove battery earth (not +12v)

Follow this installation guide

RNS510 Retrofit CarPlay and Android Auto Installation Guide | Integrated automotive UK

  1. Connect battery earth and turn on ignition, select AUX input on the VW media menu press and hold SETUP on the console and the unit will switch to the IMI-1000 interface.
  2. Ensure you Un-Pair from VW Bluetooth and DELETE the Bluetooth pairing to VW completely. Then pair to IMI-1000 bluetooth (don’t try to pair to wifi) – CarPlay/AA will boot.

If you get stuck, please send photos of your progress (every connection) to me and we will assist.