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IMI-1000 Installation Guide – Mercedes NTG4.5 / NTG4.7

Below is a link to your manuals for the NTG4.5/7 IMI-1000, your unit is our latest upgraded version and you no longer need to install the microphone. So please ignore that step in the manual (the manual needs to be updated to reflect this.)

IMI-1000 Installation Guide NTG4.5 NTG4.7 pdf [1.7Mb]

The home screen of the IMI-1000 is slightly updated with a better look and the factory mode password is now 8818.

If the vehicle does not have OEM Bluetooth audio, follow v1.2 manual attached.

If the vehicle has OEM Bluetooth audio (music streaming, not just calls) then you can follow either v1.2 or v1.4 attached.

Below are some tips for the installation;

1. Make sure the dip switches match your vehicle/display, they are the switches on the side of the unit – the switch positions are indicated on the label on top of the module.

2. Activate AUX before you begin and then ensure after activation you still have sound from your usual sources like radio etc.

3. Install the interface (don’t forget to transfer the MOST Fibre optic connector from the original mercedes quadlock to the new quadlock, if you car has one)

4. Select Aux in your Audio menu

5. Switch to our interface by pressing and holding HANG UP for 2 seconds

6. Your car should NOT Require echo cancellation

If you get stuck, send detailed pictures of every connection you have made to me and we will assist.