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IMI-1000 Installation guide – Mercedes NTG3.X

Please see below a link to the manuals for the NTG3.X kit.

IMI-1000 Installation Guide NTG3.X pdf [523kb]

Just a couple of tips;

1. Don’t forget to transfer the fibre optic cable to the new quadlock if there is one present

2. If you get a black screen for the COMAND dispaly but carplay works ok, for NTG3.0 systems it is usually because the display connector you have connected to the head unit is 180deg out of phase, so simply remove, rotate it 180deg and refit it.

3. If you get a black screen in Carplay its usually because the dip switches are set incorrectly.

If you get stuck, please send detailed pictures of all of the connections you have made and we will assist.