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IMI-1000 Installation Guide – JLR BOSCH

Here is the install guide;

Range Rover / Land Rover [BOSCH] Retrofit CarPlay and Android auto Installation guide | Integrated automotive UK

Please see below a nice video showing you how to remove the head unit – you will need access to the back of the head unit in order to plug in the harness.

NOTE : The display cables connect to the DISPLAY, not the head unit

(245) How to change / remove Range Rover Evoque CD / DVD player / Navigation computer – YouTube

Note that as part of the retrofit, OEM nav is disabled by the IMI-1000 as it cannot run in parallel, this is done by setting switch 6 on the IMI-1000 to LOW. If the customer ever removes the IMI-1000 at a later date, they will need to set the switch to HIGH and wait for NAV to re-enable, this may require the ignition to be turned off for 10 minutes after setting switch 6 to HIGH.

Here are some tips (from experience)

1. Check the dip switches are set correctly for your display size, the settings are indicated on the label on top of the module. The switches themselves are on the side of the module.

2. Install the paddle antenna to the SMA connector no the IMI-1000.

3. Switch to our interface by pressing the NAV area on the touch screen for 2 seconds

4. You have the option to use AUX as the audio transfer method or Bluetooth. There is a QR code on the module which will take you to both manuals.

If you get stuck, send detailed pictures to me of every connection and i will assist.