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IMI-1000 Installation Guide – GEN5 CIC BMW/MINI

See below links to the manuals for the CIC IMI-1000, this covers BMW and MINI vehicles.

IMI-1000 GEN5 CIC Installation Guide_v1.3 pdf [1.1Mb]

You can follow this video for guidance on removing the mini cic head unit; (478) How to Remove Radio / Navigation / Display from Mini Cooper 2012 for Repair. – YouTube

All connections are at the head unit (including the display connection) and the idrive controller on the centre console.

Below are some tips for your installation;

1. The display connection is at the head unit, there is no need to remove the display itself

2. Plug the aux 3.5mm male jack on our harness into the Aux port in your car

3. Select aux

4. Press and hold MENU to switch into our interface

5. You should not reqiuire Echo cancellation

If you get stuck, please send detailed pictures of every connection you have made to me and we will assist.