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BMW_MINI_NBT Installation Guide v1.2 pdf [1.6Mb]

Please note the unit we have shipped is our new GEN5 version which no longer needs the microphone.

If the vehicle does not have OEM Bluetooth audio, follow v1.2 manual (see QR Code on module).

If the vehicle has OEM Bluetooth audio (music streaming, not just calls) then you can follow either v1.2 or v1.4 (see QR Code on module).

Some tips for the install;

1. Check the dip switches are set correctly for your display size, there is a label on the top of the unit showing the various settings and the switches are on the side of the unit

2. The display conection is at the display end of the original BMW display cable, not at the head unit. So remove the display and connect the provided display cables to the display itself and the cable removed from the display

3. don’t forget to transfer the fibre optic (MOST) cable to the new quadlock from the original quadlock if you have one

4. If you have a combox you will need to connect the aux wire to the aux port, but this isn’t common on most NBT cars.

5. Connect the Antennas to the SMA connectors on the IMI-1000

6. If you have a CHAMP2 system, you will need to fit a microphone and Aux wire

If you get stuck, please send detailed pictures of the install to me, showing all connections you have made and I will assist.