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How do I enable Apple CarPlay?

After installing your retrofit CarPlay System from Integrated Automotive, you will need to enable CarPlay on your iPhone and connect to the vehicle.

*Note that this guide is specific to the IMI-1000 Retrofit CarPlay Kit.

IMI-1000 Retrofit CarPlay and Android Auto Interface
The IMI-1000 Retrofit CarPlay and Android Auto Multimedia Interfacre

Enabling Apple CarPlay is a simple process, it involves a few changes to the settings in your iPhone.

1. Enter iPhone “Settings” by selecting the icon below;

2. Select “General” settings

3. Select “CarPlay” settings

4. If you have Bluetooth turned off you will be prompted to enable it now.

5. If you are using our retrofit CarPlay interface (the IMI-1000) you will need to activate the IMI-1000 by pressing and holding button #8 on the radio control panel for 5 seconds;

For BMW cars you can Press and Hold button 8 on the radio control panel or press and hold the MENU button to activate the IMI-1000 retrofit CarPlay system

6. Enter the Bluetooth menu in your phone and find the IMI-1000.

Find the IMI-1000 retrofit CarPlay interface

Connect to it and enter the passcode “8362” , when asked if you want to use CarPlay, press accept.

7. You are now ready to start using Apple CarPlay!

The central information display on your vehicle dash will now display the CarPlay Interface, as seen below;

Example BMW CarPlay home screen