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Do I have an Audio 20 or COMAND Mercedes entertainment system?

Determining if you have an Audio20 or COMAND infotainment system is quite simple once you know your VIN. This helps us when we are selecting a compatible retrofit CarPlay and Android Auto kit for your car.

For example, on a W212 E class, the VIN is found in front of the front right hand seat on the floor. To see if you need to slide the seat to its back most position and life the carpet.

Your VIN is usually found on your V5 (vehicle registration document) or you can also find it on the chassis of your car.

Mercedes E Class (W212) VIN location

Once you have your VIN, you then need to input your VIN into a VIN decoder website, such as

Once you enter your VIN you will be presented with a list of option codes. Here is an example screenshot from the VIN decoder, the important codes are within the red box;

From these codes you will be able to determine if you have an Audio 20 or COMAND System.

Here are some examples of Audio 20 and COMAND option codes;

Audio 20 USB (radio only) (520)
Audio 20 USB with Sat Nav Preparation (522 + 355)
Audio 20 USB with Garmin MAP PILOT (522 + 355 + 357)

Audio 20 USB (radio only) with large display (506 + 868)
Audio 20 USB with large display and Sat Nav Preparation (506 + 868 + 355)
Audio 20 USB with large display and Mercedes Navigation (506 + 868 + 355 + 357)

Or alternatively if you have COMAND online:

Command Online (531)

Please note, from these option codes you cannot determine the exact NTG version (for example NTG4.5 or NTG4.7).

To determine the exact NTG version (important if you are retrofitting one of our CarPlay and Android Auto interfaces) you will need to combine the VIN decoder method described above with a visual inspection of the head unit and user interface.

This is described in another article.