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Bentley RNS810 Retrofit CarPlay and Android Auto Guide

Below is an installation guide for the RNS810 IMI-1000 Retrofit CarPlay and Android Auto kit.

Step 1. Ensure power is off to head unit, it is recommended to remove battery earth

Step 2. Set dip switches according to your vehicle (if unsure, try 100k first, then 500k)

Step 3. If using the OEM Microphone, set dip switches 1+2 to HL, if using the aftermarket mic, set them to LH

Step 4. Tools required;

  1. Trim tool
  2. T20 screwdriver
  3. T10 screwdriver (some car models require glovebox removal)
  4. Tape and towel-protect the trim and panel

Step 5. Use trim tool to remove trim around display

Step 6. Unscrew 6 screws around head unit

Step 7. Remove head unit and unplug all connections to display assembly

Step 8. Remove screws on side of head unit

Step 9. Remove display panel, take care to not damage the ribbon cables

Step 10. Remove the 2x ribbon cables from the head unit

Step 11. Remove screws securing the baffle and remove the baffle

Step 12. Connect the IMI-1000 PCB as shown below

Step 13. Secure PCB as below

Step 14. Connect the original display ribbon cables as below

Step 15. Reassemble the display assembly to the main head unit

Step 16. Connect the LVDS pcb to the top of the head unit

Step 17. Connect bluetooth/wifi antennae to the IMI-1000, connect power, LVDS and usb to IMI-1000

Step 18. Connect quadlock

Step 18. Mate the Bentley quadlock to IMI-1000 quadlock

Step 19. Connect the LVDS PCB to IMI-1000 LVDS cable

Step 20. The IMI-1000 can usually be placed inside the head unit void before reinstalling the head unit

Step 21. Reinstall head unit, select AUX in the Bentley media menu and then press MENU on the steering wheel for 2 seconds to switch to the IMI-1000 interface

Step 22. Refer to the supplied “SETUP MANUAL” pdf for the remaining connection steps.

Trouble shooting: If you cannot switch over to the IMI-1000 interface or you get a black screen, check your dip switches match the settings on the label, ensure you have tried all combinations. Triple check your wiring. If you cannot solve your installation issues feel free to contact us!

This installation guide is related to the following IMI-1000 retrofit kit: BENTLEY RNS810 (Continental GT/Flying Spur) 2011-2018 CarPlay and Android Auto Kit – Integrated automotive UK