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Activating AUX input on Audi MMI 3G and MMI MIB1

When you are retrofitting our CarPlay and Android Auto kits to your Audi, you may want to activate the AUX pin on the head unit on certain cars (Normally the cars equipped with the Audi AMI media interface).

Note: If you do have the Audi AMI interface you can alternatively use an AMI-AUX adapter instead of activating AUX. This will work well but will require you to run a cable to the AMI input from our IMI-1000 wiring harness. While this will work fine, it is not “hidden” and some customers prefer a completely hidden installation.

An AMI to AUX adapter can be used instead of activating AUX on the Audi head unit

This is because our retrofit CarPlay and Android Auto Kits connect directly to the AUX pin on the MMI head unit via our plug and play wiring loom, so activating of the pin is an elegant solution and completely hidden.

This tutorial will show you the steps required to activate the AUX pin on the rear of the head unit, you will also see “AUX” as an option in the media menu on the central display once you have performed the activation process.

1. Install VCDS

To perform the activation you will need VCDS, this is available from Ross Tech.

2. Connect to OBD port

Connect your OBD interface to the OBD port in the car and connect to the vehicle via VCDS.

Connect to the vehicle using VCDS

3. Enter “Select Control Module” menu

View the control modules in VCDS

4. Enter the “Electronics 2” tab

The electronics 2 tab focuses upon the infotainment system

5. Enter the “5F module”

The 5F module allows you to reconfigure the MMI head unit

6. Enter “Coding”

The first action to take before performing any coding changes is to save current current configuration. This can be done by saving the “current code” highlighted in the dialogue below. Store this in a .txt file, as you can recode back to this coding value if something goes wrong.

The highlighted hexadecimal number is the current “long code” for the connected vehicle

7. Deselect AMI and Select AUX-IN

In order to successfully activate the AUX-IN[PR-UE3] on your MMI head unit, you will need to first deselect AMI[PR-UE7].

Deselect AMI[PR-UE7] abs select AUX-IN[PR-UE3]

8. Copy Long Code

Copy the “long code” in row 1 and go back to the 5F module tab

9. Apply coding to 5F module

Paste the new coding string into the empty box in the dialogue below and hit “Do it!”

Paste new coding string into empty dialogue box above

Once the new coding string has been pasted into the dialogue box above, you are ready to code the 5F module.

Apply the coding to the 5F module and the AUX-IN[PR-UE3] will be activated

You will now see AUX-IN in the Media menu, this option should be selected when using our retrofit CarPlay and Android Auto Kits in order to pass audio signals from the IMI-1000 and the MMI sound system.