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About Us

Integrated Automotive are a Leicester(UK) based automotive electronics company. Founded by electronics designers who are also car enthusiasts, we design and offer products that improve the in-car experience of drivers who have a passion for both quality and innovation.

In March 2023 we moved our R+D to Dock Technology centre in Leicester, UK.

Integrated Automotive research and development is based at the Dock technology centre, Leicester
One of our work benches at Integrated Automotive’s ives Leicester office

FCC/CE Tested

The IMI-1000 is shown below during FCC/CE testing in the EMC test laboratory (Anechoic Chamber) below

The IMI-1000 Has been FCC/CE tested by Integrated Automotive

A passion for “OEM”

All of our products aim to seamlessly integrate with the existing technology in your car. Our aim is to “enhance not replace”, this philosophy is epitomised by our IMI-1000 retrofit CarPlay and Android Auto kit which uses the existing display and user controls in the vehicle.

From the exterior, our innovations allow your car to remain “standard” or “OEM” as it is also known.

Audi retrofit CarPlay and Android Auto test bench
An example of one of our many Audi test benches

Our Technology

We provide automotive technology that improves and enhances your driving experience. Our IMI-1000 is our flagship product and is not available from any other company in the UK unless authorised by Integrated Automotive. If you wish to become an approved installer of the IMI-1000 please get in touch.