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2010-2015 Volvo Retrofit CarPlay and Android Auto Connection Guide

Connection Diagram

Click to Enlarge – Volvo 2010-2014 IMI-1000 Retrofit CarPlay and Android auto Connection Diagram

Step by Step Installation Guide:

Locate screws behind the console and remove.
Remove vent assembly and disconnect connectors from rear side
Remove screws indicated above
After screw removal from behind, pull centre console trim off
Remove head unit screws above
Remove head unit connector
Remove screen cover
Remove screen screws
Remove screen
Remove rear case cover on screen, be careful not to break the ribbon cables. Disconnect the screen cable as per above
Affix PCB to the face of the volvo PCB, the rear side of the PCB is insulated – double sided VHD tape will hold the PCB in place.
Install the supplied ribbon cable between the display PCB and the IMI-1000 LVDS converter PCB.
Connect the Display ribbon cable to the IMI-1000 LVDS converter PCB
Connect the power and CANBUS connectors
Re-assemble the case, be careful not to crush any wiring or the PCB.
Feed the main harness into the passenger foot well from behind the head unit
Connect the IMI-1000 display connector cable labelled “CONNECT TO DISPLAY” to the display.
Connect the original Volvo display connector to the IMI-1000 connector labelled “CONNECT TO ORIGINAL DISPLAY CONNECTOR”.
Refit the display
Connect the IMI-1000 head unit connector to the head unit
Mater the original Volvo head unit connector to the IMI-1000 female connector.
Connect both antenna and the IMI-1000 harness connectors to the IMI-1000
Connect the supplied aux jack (no wire is needed to be run to the port, only the jack itself needs plugging in)
Select AUX before using CarPlay / Android auto and DISCONNECT and FORGET your connection to Volvo Bluetooth.